Four Critical Roles Played by Wilhelm Architects

If you are embarking on a major project, hiring the right Wilhelm Architects can save you money, time, and trouble. An experienced architect can help you streamline the building process, minimize bumps, and provide an accurate picture of how the entire project will turn out. Whether you are building a new home or restoring, an old, competent Santa Barbara architects will ensure that the entire project is completed properly. Here are the four critical roles played by a qualified architect.

Building Program and Site Analysis

During the initial phase of a building project, a qualified architect will help you analyze the construction site and develop the required schematic or preliminary designs. Before developing your schematic design, the architect will consider factors, such as your design ideas, housing needs, and budget. Keeping all these and other factors into consideration, the architect will help you come up with a rough sketches and fundamental concepts to show the size and general layout of the building.


Design Development

If you are happy with the schematic design developed in the initial stage, the architect will help you come up with real building design. An actual building design shows all the key elements of your building including the roof design, floor plans and the exterior and trims that give a building style and character. With the modern design software, you can be able to see your whole house in 3-D.

Preparation of Construction Documents

Construction documents are detailed drawings and written specifications of the building structural plan. Construction documents are also required in order to obtain a building permit. Professional architects in Santa Barbara know how create quality blueprints that will help you obtain a building permit without any legal hassles.

Working with Building Professionals

An experienced architect can help you choose a qualified building contractor who is trained to handle the entire building project. The architect will then answer any contractor questions and clarify items in the plans or specifications. Your architect will also be willing to make the necessary revisions to the building plan to improve the results. These professionals will ensure that the entire construction project is completed according to the set schedule, budget, and quality.

These are just some of the key roles played by qualified architects in Santa Barbara. To get the best architectural services, you must make sure that you hire the right architect. Consider factors such as experience, education, licenses, insurance and price. For more information about architectural services, and how you can contact a competent architecture, please go to


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